Right now, Formality can only be installed through npm. Install npm following this guide. Then, go to the command-line and type:

$ npm i -g formality-lang

Note that Formality requires Node.js v0.12:

$ node -v

Using node2nix, we can also install Formality using the Nix package manager:

$ git clone [email protected]:moonad/Formality.git
$ cd Formality
$ nix-channel --add unstable
$ nix-env -f '<unstable>' -iA nodePackages.node2nix
$ node2nix --nodejs-12
$ sed -i 's/nixpkgs/unstable/g' default.nix
$ nix-env -f default.nix -iA package

This should be all you need. In order to test if it worked, type fm on the terminal. If you see Formality’s command-line options, then it has been successfully installed in your system. If you have any problem during this process, please open an issue.